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Looking for a professional tray towing service that will truly look after your vehicle? The professional and experienced team at 1st Class Towing are experts with tray towing services. Our specialised tray towing vehicles are made for heavy, light, modern, luxury, sport/competition, classic, vintage and historic vehicles as well as light machinery.

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A tray towing service is one that can competently look after and transport your vehicle on a tray tow truck with care. Not all tray towing services are equipped to handle all towing jobs. You need the right tray towing vehicles, equipment, training and procedures in place for any tray tow to be successful.

Additionally, at 1st Class Towing, all our tray towing services are first-class. That means we only use high quality, reliable towing vehicles, and ensure our staff are adequately trained to use the right methods for effective and efficient tray towing. That’s because, at 1st Class Towing, we take towing seriously. From small extractions to machinery and all towing jobs. We ensure that all our team is adequately trained to provide superior services for all tray towing jobs and our clients.

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Why Choose 1st Class Towing for tray towing services?

With over 12 years of incredible industry experience in Sydney, why choose anyone else for your next tray towing service? 1st Class Towing has always provided exceptional towing services which has simply meant providing superior care for our clients and their vehicles.

Additionally, 1st Class Towing is proud to call Sydney home and we understand how this hectic city can get the best of most motorists and businesses. Our caring and understanding team know the safest, most secure and efficient methods to ensure that your vehicle is carefully transported to your desired destination. Finally, we also ensure that all parties – whether it be business clients, drivers and passengers – are adequately looked after with all tray towing services.